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SharePoint has been out for more than ten years now and is just reaching it’s maturity.  Along the way, it has increasingly been touted as the be-all-end-all of enterprise platforms and also has been the source of endless user frustration.  These two experiences often go hand-in-hand, as users expect more they often are frustrated when they are not sure how to achieve thier expectations or how things are done in SharePoint are not as simple as their expectations.  This is because SharePoint is a very complex and broad platform aimed at providing Collaboration, Content Management, Business Processes and Intelligence, Portals, Search, Composites, Communities,  Security, Customization, a Services platform, and more.  Along with all this capability comes lots of complexity.  Add to this patches, service packs, multiserver platforms, global deployments, zones, encryption, client Office integration, and cross browser support, it is inevitable that there will be lots of problems.

Not to fear; for every problem in SharePoint, there is either a solution or a work-around.  I have spent the last six years coming up with solutions and work-arounds to every problem that SharePoint has throw at us.  I will be adding many of those solutions and work-arounds and all things SharePoint to this blogs.  In the next few weeks, expect a series of blogs on the BCS and one or two on Search.

I look forward to helping you through your SharePoint travels.

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