Best practices for user feedback methods in Microsoft Teams

The adoption of a new collaboration experience is about changing the behavior of your users. Human change requires training, encouragement and positive examples. It is also critical for people to feel heard during the transition.

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Customizing the “modern” experiences in SharePoint Online

Overview of the “modern” experiences to get you started, including links to articles containing all the customization options for each of the “modern” experiences.

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Inconvenient no-script sites and SharePoint Framework

By disabling custom script on their sites, organizations using Office 365 can increase the security of their data and improve the governance of their portal. But how reliable is it actually?

The only way to tell, if a solution that states that it doesn’t require custom scripts to work, truly doesn’t allow users to embed them, is to review its code. This is tedious and inconvenient but required, if you don’t want to expose your organizational information to risks.

Create and use custom SharePoint site designs in Office 365

It is the focus of IT and content managers to enable the business to achieve their outcomes while staying in compliance with company guidelines and preferences. And now you can with the ability to further customize the ‘modern’ SharePoint sites experiences in a repeatable, programmatic way. We are pleased to announce that the ability to create and use custom site designs is rolling out to Targeted Release Office 365 customers.

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