Starting Microsoft Teams conversation on items from SharePoint list

For as long as I remember, users have been asking for the ability to have conversations on SharePoint list items and documents.

And for years we have had not so good hacks to get this to work…Wiki Pages, Appending Comment Fields, Lookup Lists, SharePoint Newsfeed, Yammer, 3rd Party tools and Apps, and a ton of other kludgy solutions.

Finally Microsoft Teams comes to the scene and all of a sudden, you can have a conversation and tag a document from SharePoint or even embed the document in a conversation…Hallelujah!

But wait…What about SharePoint list items???

Well we still don’t have a simple coherent out of the box solution just yet.  However it looks like Microsoft didn’t ignore the problem.  It’ll take a little work, but a coherent solution is now here…

Starting Microsoft Teams conversation on items from SharePoint list

SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 with Yammer Integration

Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2013 introduced Office 365 for MySites/OneDrive for Business and Yammer integration. This is a simple post detailing how an administrator would go about setting this functionality up.

Announcing VS 2013 RTM SharePoint Templates


  • Office 365 Cloud Business App
  • MVC 5 web application and SharePoint Context for app for SharePoint
  • App for SharePoint remote debugging for Office 365, including
    • Workflow
    • Remote Event Receiver (RER)