Table of Contents

I haven’t been blogging very long and I already have a cob web of posts.  So this page is to try to bring order to the madness.  Here you will find a Table of Contents, if you will.





Metadata Driven Navigation

Multi-Factor Authentication & SharePoint

User Profile Import / Synchronization

Business Connectivity Services (BCS)

  1. Why choose a BCS solution?
  2. Implementing BCS Solutions using Stored Procedures
  3. Authenticating a BCS Solution to an External System
  4. Defining and developing your BCS entities into ECTs
  5. BDC Models, Resource files, and making Content Types Searchable
  6. How to develop and deploy the ECTs/BDC Models to multiple environments
  7. Implementing ECTs in SPD using Stored Procedures

Notifications & References

Recent Posts

External Users trying to accept the invitation get an error message “That Didn’t Work”

There are many reasons why O365 external invitations could fail, but most are obvious reasons…expiry, using non-Microsoft public emails, etc.

However there is a scenario where the sender and receiver both have done everything right and security settings are set correctly and yet invitation fails.

If this happened to me, I would loose my mind trying to figure out what the problem is!!!

Fortunately someone else has run into this problem and took the time to document the issue and possible resolutions…

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